We are IOOI (Innovation out of Imagination) Geek Club, focusing on technology, design, innovation, etc. We aim to build an open community using the industrial resources of The Great Bay Area to connect domestic and foreign innovation forces such as students, entrepreneurs, and enterprises. Innovative Talk is held every week, and workshops, hackathons, and movie nights are held regularly. Last year we held 10 events supported by Open FIESTA, including topics such as prototyping in Shenzhen, bio-hardware, and robotic workshops. Our invited speakers have shared how to create Star Crowdfunding project in Indiegogo, introduced the million-award AVATAR Xprize and the famous design studio JU&KE. Our events are open to students from THU, PKU, and HIT. Welcome to our innovative community to explore more possibilities!

清华大学极客创新协会(简称“IOOI”或极协)聚焦于科技、设计、创新等主题,旨在建立一个开放社区,利用深圳和大湾区的产业资源连接学生、创业者和企业等国内外创新力量。协会将定期举办讲座,邀请国内外不同背景的创新人才,包括科技公司的CEO、产品设计师、金融投资科技从业者等,请他们分享自己的创新创业经历,以及在职业生涯中取得成功的经验。讲座结束之后会开展圆桌讨论进行专题深入探讨,也会将讲者和听众引入我们的开放平台中,后续提供资源、人才与项目进行对接。 协会的名字IOOI(Innovation out of Imagination),寓意鼓励跳出传统思维的创新,每个字母也代表着不同的涵义——International 国际化的, Open 开放的,Original 创新的,Interdisciplinary 交叉学科的;而协会最初的形态是通过举办小型分享活动的方式连接不同的创新者。